Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Eve!!

Eight years ago this little cutie entered the world! Miss Eve turned Eight on August 23rd. Eve is my very first niece. Boy do I love this little girl! We had a little ruff start, she was quite the fussy baby. I remember her screaming her head off all the time as a baby. You really could not hold her, only her mommy could sooth this little one. As the years went on she grew, and grew to like her Aunt Charity. Every time I see her she says "Aunt Charity" in a real excited voice, and comes running up to me.
Miss Eve is so smart and enjoys fashion. She has in the past sketched out outfits for me to wear. I just know one day she will be something great!! She has never been much into dolls, but loves adventure and travel. Happy birthday Eve! I love you SO much!!     

1 comment:

  1. Aunt Charity,

    Thank you for writing so many sweet things about me! I wish you can come over soon and bring Baby Reese ; )

    I love you because you're nice and sweet and you bring the baby with you every time, now....

    Grace says "hi" too!!