Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My little pumpkin!

Monday Lee and I took Miss Reese to one of my very favorite places. Bishop's Pumpkin Farm!! So excited now that we have a child of our own we don't have to tag along with our friends who do have children to these sort of places:) I can remember in Kindergarten going to Bishop's. I am thrilled that Reese one day will get to do the same. Knowing how popular this place has gotten Lee and I always try to go on an "off day". Well 5:00 on a Monday afternoon was STILL busy! First on the agenda was to get good photos of Reese while the sun was still up. Knowing that she really had not slept much, and was ready to eat, she was still all smiles! Reese loves facing out of her stroller so we did just that. Pushed her around in what we call "her big girl stroller". She was just soaking up what was going on around her. Lee said people were all smiles looking at her, because she was so little in her stroller and of course because she is cute:) She did get referred to as a boy! Lee was very upset by the comment. I blame myself! I did have her in a black Halloween outfit with a green and yellow pacifier in her mouth. I could understand. Oh...I know what could have prevented ALL of this! If I only had a headband that would have gone with the outfit (Jacklyn will talk:))

After the photo session I ran over to the gift shop and bought a Bishop's Farm cookbook. Last year they were out by the time we got there, but we did go on Halloween Day... If you know me you know I don't cook much, but I LOVE to bake. As the sun was going down I grabed my four Cinderella pumpkins, lee got a pumpkin to carve. Then two corn dogs later (which we SO good) three pumpkin cakes with cream cheese frosting (my absolute FAVORITE) , and a swing by the petting zoo we headed home. Until next year Bishop's! Until then I will miss you!


  1. YAY for a new blog post!!!! I Love Bishops!! I remember seeing you and Lee before you had children just moseying around!! You guys are soooo cute!! I LOVE the hat you are wearing... And Your Little Punpkin is just precuois!! Reese looks nothing like a BOY! That person was a dummy!!

  2. Oh, I miss her already and I just saw her Saturday night!! Little Reese is too cute for words and always dressed to the "nines" by her fashion savvy mama ; )

    Can't wait to see her in her Halloween costume. Wish we lived closer and we could take all the kids trick-or-treating together...

    Love you guys!