Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sea Ranch

For Christmas Lee's Dad and wife Trish decided to send the whole family to Sea Ranch for a weekend! We were thrilled!! My best friend Natalie got married in Sea Ranch, and that is were the love started for this little gem of a place.

We went the first weekend in February and the weather was AMAZING!! Could have been running around in flip flops and  shorts! We took lots of walks to the beach and just relaxed. Little miss Reese had a blast! She loved all the entertainment of her cousins Gillian and Elisabeth. As well as having everyone picking her up and walking around with her. I'm telling you this little one loves being around people. Just like her mommy:) 

We also had a great time watching the sheep that were grazing in a field next tour house ! And if you know me you know I love sheep!! As dumb as they are, I still love these little guys.. They are so cute. I love stuffed animal sheep or cute little figurines. I made sure Lee took a picture of the only black sheep of the bunch. At one point ALL the sheep got out and were running around our neighborhood. It was really cute because all the visitors piched in and helped get the sheep back into there fenced area.

What a great weekend! We made some wonderful memories!

The house built in 1972 that we stayed in  
I hope to take MANY more trips to Sea Ranch!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am SOOO bad!!

My little silly girl!
It has been WAY too long since I last posted!!! The holidays were pretty crazy, as well as the month of January. So here we are in February already.. Were has time gone?? My little girl is now 9 months old. And for her 9 month check up today we are still in the 86 percentile for height and weight! I am now buying her clothes for 18 -24 months, just so they can hopefully last through the summer:) She is such a good girl. Rolling all over the place. I call it cleaning the floors:) She can say Mamma, Babba, and every once in a while Dadda (which Lee is not happy about). She is definitely a Momma's girl! She LOVES me! Always reaching out for me to hold her. The great benefit is that I have some muscle definition in my arms for the first time! Just having a blast with this little angel! I can't believe in 3 months we will be celebrating her 1st birthday!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So in love.

This chair is a favorite of mine! It belonged to Lee's great grandmother Lizzy.
This little angel is growing up too fast!! She is now 6 months old! Where has the time gone?? Words can not describe the feelings I have for her. I am so in love... She can bring tears to my eyes by just looking in to those pretty blue eyes. I can no longer watch movies involving babies, kids, mother and their children etc. without tears flowing. Life is sweetened by the innocence of these precious gifts! I am blessed to be a mother! I am blessed to have Lee as her father, he is so good to her! And just as in love as I am:)

This big girl is sitting up on her own. The world just became a even more interesting place! She is so happy playing with the most simple things. A burp cloth can entertain her for a while. Not a fussy as she was when she was younger. I guess now that she is older and able to get around a little more she is happier. Only crying when she is tired or hungry.  We just had her six month check up and she is doing great! Still in the 90th percentile for height and weight. A very healthy girl the doctor said:) 18.7 lbs and 27 inches long. Before we know it she will be crawling.

The happy family!!

Thank you to Zack for taking such great pictures for us to have!!

The Big 30!

Ready for thee weekend. Leaving Natalie's house
What a great 30th birthday! I got to enjoy it with some pretty special ladies in my life! We started out the trip in Napa at Katie's tasting room for her wine Toolbox. From there we walked around downtown Napa visiting various other tasting rooms.  Even though it rained on us that whole weekend we still managed to have a good time!

Love this picture of Lindsey. She looks so trendy.
Since the weekend we went was during crush we had a really hard time finding a place to stay...So Natalie's aunt so kindly allowed us to stay at her adorable home in Healdsberg. Oh what a treat! It was the cutest home. So warm and inviting! I really could have lived there. Some of my best memories will be sitting around the dining room table sipping wine and having "girl talk". That night we got dressed up and had dinner at a trendy restaurant called Spoon.

The next day we got up had a very late brunch and moseyed around the town of Healdsberg. What a darling town! Such cute shops! Of course we found a tasting room!! Poor Natalie had to drag us out of here. We were having too much fun! We all new after we left here the trip would be over:( For some it was going back home to be a mom and for others it was back to the usual daily grind. All in all it was the best birthday thus far. I am truly blessed with great friends!! A BIG thank you for the great gifts I received. But the best gift of all is the friendships that I have with these girls!
Lindsey's red lipstick was a must!   

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My little pumpkin!

Monday Lee and I took Miss Reese to one of my very favorite places. Bishop's Pumpkin Farm!! So excited now that we have a child of our own we don't have to tag along with our friends who do have children to these sort of places:) I can remember in Kindergarten going to Bishop's. I am thrilled that Reese one day will get to do the same. Knowing how popular this place has gotten Lee and I always try to go on an "off day". Well 5:00 on a Monday afternoon was STILL busy! First on the agenda was to get good photos of Reese while the sun was still up. Knowing that she really had not slept much, and was ready to eat, she was still all smiles! Reese loves facing out of her stroller so we did just that. Pushed her around in what we call "her big girl stroller". She was just soaking up what was going on around her. Lee said people were all smiles looking at her, because she was so little in her stroller and of course because she is cute:) She did get referred to as a boy! Lee was very upset by the comment. I blame myself! I did have her in a black Halloween outfit with a green and yellow pacifier in her mouth. I could understand. Oh...I know what could have prevented ALL of this! If I only had a headband that would have gone with the outfit (Jacklyn will talk:))

After the photo session I ran over to the gift shop and bought a Bishop's Farm cookbook. Last year they were out by the time we got there, but we did go on Halloween Day... If you know me you know I don't cook much, but I LOVE to bake. As the sun was going down I grabed my four Cinderella pumpkins, lee got a pumpkin to carve. Then two corn dogs later (which we SO good) three pumpkin cakes with cream cheese frosting (my absolute FAVORITE) , and a swing by the petting zoo we headed home. Until next year Bishop's! Until then I will miss you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Eve!!

Eight years ago this little cutie entered the world! Miss Eve turned Eight on August 23rd. Eve is my very first niece. Boy do I love this little girl! We had a little ruff start, she was quite the fussy baby. I remember her screaming her head off all the time as a baby. You really could not hold her, only her mommy could sooth this little one. As the years went on she grew, and grew to like her Aunt Charity. Every time I see her she says "Aunt Charity" in a real excited voice, and comes running up to me.
Miss Eve is so smart and enjoys fashion. She has in the past sketched out outfits for me to wear. I just know one day she will be something great!! She has never been much into dolls, but loves adventure and travel. Happy birthday Eve! I love you SO much!!     

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Reese

Our little angel

Reese Claire Dawson

The Dawson Family

Falling in love..

Looking good!! On zero sleep!

The night she was born. Having contractions in this picture.
Now that life is feeling a little more back to normal...I guess I should catch up on my blog!! Yes baby Reese is here, happy & healthy. Born May 12th (four days early) 10:04 am at 7lbs 6oz 21 inches long. Delivery was a breeze (although in my pictures I don't look like it was easy) I do have to say for about the first month I felt totally over whelmed and out of sorts. Three months later I feel like I finally got the hang of this, for now:) SO in love with her! I get teary eyed just looking at her and thinking how blessed Lee and I are. Having a child is an unexplainable feeling... It is the coolest most awesome feeling in the world!! I would not trade it for ANYTHING! I highly recommend it! I promise from now on to blog on a regular basis:)