Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sea Ranch

For Christmas Lee's Dad and wife Trish decided to send the whole family to Sea Ranch for a weekend! We were thrilled!! My best friend Natalie got married in Sea Ranch, and that is were the love started for this little gem of a place.

We went the first weekend in February and the weather was AMAZING!! Could have been running around in flip flops and  shorts! We took lots of walks to the beach and just relaxed. Little miss Reese had a blast! She loved all the entertainment of her cousins Gillian and Elisabeth. As well as having everyone picking her up and walking around with her. I'm telling you this little one loves being around people. Just like her mommy:) 

We also had a great time watching the sheep that were grazing in a field next tour house ! And if you know me you know I love sheep!! As dumb as they are, I still love these little guys.. They are so cute. I love stuffed animal sheep or cute little figurines. I made sure Lee took a picture of the only black sheep of the bunch. At one point ALL the sheep got out and were running around our neighborhood. It was really cute because all the visitors piched in and helped get the sheep back into there fenced area.

What a great weekend! We made some wonderful memories!

The house built in 1972 that we stayed in  
I hope to take MANY more trips to Sea Ranch!

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  1. It looks like such a beautiful weekend. We should plan a friends trip up there with the kiddos and rent a house one weekend!