Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Big 30!

Ready for thee weekend. Leaving Natalie's house
What a great 30th birthday! I got to enjoy it with some pretty special ladies in my life! We started out the trip in Napa at Katie's tasting room for her wine Toolbox. From there we walked around downtown Napa visiting various other tasting rooms.  Even though it rained on us that whole weekend we still managed to have a good time!

Love this picture of Lindsey. She looks so trendy.
Since the weekend we went was during crush we had a really hard time finding a place to stay...So Natalie's aunt so kindly allowed us to stay at her adorable home in Healdsberg. Oh what a treat! It was the cutest home. So warm and inviting! I really could have lived there. Some of my best memories will be sitting around the dining room table sipping wine and having "girl talk". That night we got dressed up and had dinner at a trendy restaurant called Spoon.

The next day we got up had a very late brunch and moseyed around the town of Healdsberg. What a darling town! Such cute shops! Of course we found a tasting room!! Poor Natalie had to drag us out of here. We were having too much fun! We all new after we left here the trip would be over:( For some it was going back home to be a mom and for others it was back to the usual daily grind. All in all it was the best birthday thus far. I am truly blessed with great friends!! A BIG thank you for the great gifts I received. But the best gift of all is the friendships that I have with these girls!
Lindsey's red lipstick was a must!   

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  1. Your BIG 30 kinda makes me want it to be my turn!! I had a Blast & am so happy I got to join in on this Great Getaway! XO